Friday, August 14, 2009

Laughing till Tears Stream Down

Last night, our last night with our friends, we set up our iMac in the living room to watch a little video. Afterwards we went to You Tube and watched a few Brian Regan comedic spots. One of the suggestions on the side was for Jim Gaffigan; David clicked on it and boy did we laugh. We kept clicking on the various Gaffigan videos, and one of my favorites was this one.

If you have yet to see or hear of this comedian, go search on You Tube and be sure to watch the one on Hot Pockets.


Laura said...

Our son found these two comedians awhile ago...passing time in college, I guess. They are great fun! Jim was in a movie "17 Again" which was actually a nice film. He played a basketball coach...not too funny, so he is branching out a bit.

Hey, guess where we are going? Somewhere you went...and we get to see the Passion Play. A church member is giving us a very nice gift.

Glenda said...

OH WOW! That sounds terrific! Next year I'm guessing? We'll have to get together so you can do research - you know, looking at my photo album and asking me all sorts of "what do I pack" type questions. And then afterwards we'll have to get together in order to compare notes and see pictures and souvenirs, etc. :-) I'm so excited for you!!!!