Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This, That, and Maybe the Other

Last weekend I went to a scrapbooking retreat in Sheboygan, WI. I've never done that before. I've scrapbooked for years and have done one or two "Friday Night Crops" but mostly my scrapping has always been done at home. But a friend at church (who loves scrapping and does amazing page layouts!) has a sister-in-law who is a Creative Memories consultant and was hosting this past weekend's retreat. Mindy invited me to go along, and my wonderful husband told to me to go, that I would be able to get a lot accomplished, and he and the kids could survive without me.

He was right (of course). I was able to finish 27 pages! Woo Hoo! When all there is to do is scrap from morning till night (midnight both Friday and Saturday), and the food (and clean-up) is provided, progress on scrapbooks goes quickly. 15 of the pages are for Joseph's baby album. I did the layouts and Amy will add the pictures. I also left enough blank pages for her to add as Joseph grows. The other 12 pages were the birth through baptism pages of my second child, who is now 12. Boy it felt good to get started on that and make real progress. Once we get a few more rooms reorganized, I will have my table in the office as a scrapbooking only area where hopefully, I will be able to steal a few hours here and there to keep working.

I went to a less than stellar "Lutheran" church service on Sunday morning. But since I was a guest and at the mercy of the driver and host, I couldn't attend the Lutheran church I would have chosen had I been able. It was the first time, I think, that I was thankful the Lord's Supper was not offered and therefore spared of having to deal with why I would have refused.

This week is busy, busy, busy. I need to spring clean several more rooms amidst shuttling kids to swim club practice and various dental appointments. Throw in the fact that this weekend is our church's big 100th anniversary service and my in-laws want us over for noon dinner on Saturday (all the kids/grandkids will be there) and I have vacation (to my mom's) to pack for, you can imagine why I'm not getting anything done. It's simply too overwhelming, and I'd rather not start. But I'd better or I won't be ready for any of it, and then I'll be more mad at myself. There is simply never an end to guilt, although sometimes it makes great motivation!


Erin said...

I had no idea that you were in Sheboygan! Maybe you mentioned something about your trip on Loopers. I signed off months ago because of all the Looper drama. I really don't miss the quanities of email, but I do miss being in the "loop". We live about 20 minutes from Sheboygan.

Glad you were able to do lots of scrapbooking...sad that I was not able to take you out for a beer!

Glenda said...

Oh Erin, I looked up where you were as a possible church attending place for Sunday. I saw you were close, but I had no way of getting there. I was at the mercy of my friend and her sil. BUT if I do come to this again, I will make a point to come enjoy a beer, that would be fun!