Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mommapalooza Day 2: Lucianos and Day 3

After our day of sightseeing, we went to supper at:

Unfortunately Rachel had to say good-bye and drive home, which left nine of us to gather around a big table.

The interior was beautiful.  I loved the tin ceiling.

Lucianos has a martini bar.  I had never had a martini before, neither had some of the others. We can't say that now!  I had the Raspberritini.  A couple of them had the Chocolatini, two had an Espressotini, one a Flirtini, and one had a couple of Margaratinis.


We then scoured the menu for what sounded delicious (it was a hard choice - everything looked great).  I chose the chicken tuscano.  (Sorry no picture, I forgot.)  It was roasted chicken strips with roasted peppers served over linguini.  But the best ingredient was the caramalized roasted walnuts.  Yum, yum, yum.

Dessert time came.  Suzanne and I shared the special of the day, vanilla bean cheesecake.  Oh wow!  It was so delicious;  smooth, creamy, heavenly.  It was so good, I asked for a piece to go, brought it home, and David and I shared it on Sunday evening.

We had a great time at Lucianos.  If you are ever in Sioux City, be sure to stop by and try it.  For all our Looper friends who were unable to make it, this toast was for you, we hope to see you at a Mommapalooza in the future!

After Lucianos, we went back to Suzanne's home.  We played Apples to Apples and laughed ourselves silly.  Then we played Catch Phrase and didn't know we could laugh any harder.  Poor Kim had to stop and catch her breath a time or two, which of course made the rest of us laugh even harder.

We all slept quite well that night and awoke refreshed, ready for the breakfast Melanie and I made (overnight French Toast, with sausage, and fresh fruit) before going to be fed Christ's Word and His Body and Blood at Trinity Lutheran, Suzanne's home church.

After church we packed our things, ate a lunch of sandwiches (I have no idea who provided these, but they were good - thanks!), some more talking and laughing before good byes were said, hugs were given, cars loaded, and Suzanne's home was back again to her and Kit.

Good bye my friends - I can't wait to see you all again!


Susan said...

Every time I see a picture of Tammy, I think I'm seeing me there with y'all. It throws me for a loop every time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Glenda for posting all the pix and comments - it was a fun weekend.

But....this all happened in or near Sioux City, IA (not Sioux Falls, SD (big grin).


Glenda said...

Oh Suzanne details, details. ;-) I"m either turning into my mother (ack!) who never ever got the city right, or else I've ingrained Sioux Falls into my thick-headed brain and will forever be saying it wrong. You would have thought the picture I took of the Lewis and Clark sign would help huh?

I think I've changed it all to read Sioux City now.