Monday, March 09, 2009

My Daddy

Oh, how blest are they whose toils are ended,
Who through death have unto God ascended!
They have arisen
From the cares which keep us still in prison.

We are still as in a dungeon living,
Still oppressed with sorrow and misgiving;
Our undertakings
Are but toils and troubles and heartbreakings.

They meanwhile are in their chambers sleeping,
Quiet and set free from all their weeping;
No cross or sadness
There can hinder their untroubled gladness.

Christ has wiped away their tears forever;
They have that for which we still endeavor.
By them are chanted
Songs that ne'er to mortal ears were granted.

Come, O Christ, and loose the chains that bind us;
Lead us forth and cast this world behind us.
With You, the Anointed,
Finds the soul its joy and rest appointed.

Nine years ago today Glen Edward entered eternal glory.  I meanwhile am still as in a dungeon living, but I look forward to that day when Christ will loose my chains, bring me into eternal glory where I will once again see my daddy and worship once again with him our Heavenly Father.  That time will be no more weeping, or good-byes.

This is the last time I saw Dad on this earth, one month prior to his receiving the crown of life. Already that week doctors were running various tests to try to get to answers to his low white blood cell count.  I'll always treasure this memory as well as the phone conversation I had with him two days before his death.

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Dakotapam said...

Awwww. I still miss my Dad so much. Thanks for sharing.