Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mommapalooza Day 2

Nine women, including two babies, all met at Suzanne's home in Sioux City last weekend for a fun time.  We came from all over: South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa.

Saturday we all awoke and enjoyed breakfast made by Kristi.  Once we were all ready we began our day of sightseeing around Sioux City.  First we went to the:

Right beside the sign were these huge statues:

Don't look big?  Well, compare them as the group stands in front of the statues for a picture:
Can you name them yet?  If not, L-R is Charity, Kristi, Rhonda, Gina, Tammi (in back), Kim, Melanie, Suzanne (in back), and Rachel

We had fun walking through the center being able to read about Lewis and Clark, and all about their exploration without worrying about what our kids were getting into.

Afterwards we went to an art museum, grabbing a quick bite to eat to stave off hunger till supper.
It provided a good time to sit, visit, and take some pictures of the cute babies.
Here is Rachel with Nathan. He is quite the ham, anytime he saw me with the camera he would smile from ear to ear.  I had to sneak a bit to catch him snuggling on his mama's shoulder.

Here is Lydia with mom Charity.  Lydia is very adorable and always wanted something in her mouth.  Her she is wondering if she can reach whatever is on the table. 
After leaving the art center we went to Trinity Heights where there is a life-size carving of the Last Supper, stopped at Palmer Candy, went to supper at Luciano's before heading back to Suzanne's home for more laughter and games.  Stay tuned for another post and more pictures!

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