Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A child of God

David's cousin once removed (so that means his cousin's daughter) and her husband had their first child.  He was given new life in the waters of Holy Baptism this past Sunday.  Unfortunately we couldn't make it to the service, but did come over after our services to enjoy the luncheon, congratulate Katie and Josh, and hold Caleb.

I had never been in this church and you simply can't miss this beautiful stain glass window when you walk in.

Here is little Caleb being held by his great grandma (who would be my husband's aunt).

Isn't he cute!

Look at all that hair!
(I'm sorry Katie that you had to experience heartburn for all that hair - but he is so cute, I'm sure now you think it was worth it. )

My kids loved him and crowded around me as I held Caleb and all clamored for their turn to hold this little guy.  Hence why there are no pictures of this, my hands were full of baby Caleb and I totally forgot to take pictures at this time.

Here is Katie and Caleb.  Can't you see that new mom glow in her face?  And I just love it when babies yawn, such cute expressions.

And what about Josh - doesn't he have that proud dad look?

The lovely family all together.
And yes, I'll have you over as often as possible so we can cuddle Caleb before you go off to vicarage this summer.


JSkogs said...

Hi Glenda! Great pictures! We love 'em. We're glad you and the family were able to make it to the post-baptism celebration. And it was fun to see your kids around Caleb, too. Invite us over as often as you wish for your healthy dose of Caleb time. We certainly do enjoy visiting! :)

Michelle said...

Very cute!!!