Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uncle Eric

Thanks to my friend Susan, I am now reading:

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard J. Maybury really is an excellent little book giving a basic understanding of economics. Mr. Maybury writes in letter form, answering questions that a 9th grade nephew might ask his uncle, an economist. It is very clear, easily readable, and full of valuable information.

There is a whole series of Uncle Eric books and I will request each of them as well from the library, but I have put all of them on my book wish-list. They will be required reading for all of our children.

Thanks Susan!


Karen said...

I've used these books for years and have been really happy with how the information is presented. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

I love Eric's books on economics and finance. I have been less impressed with his books on other topics. Just be aware that they strongly reflect his highly isolationist political philosophy. I appreciate much of what he has to say, especially about America's drifting towards fascism, but I don't like his blaming of the US for militant Muslim hatred of us (he basically says we have brought it on ourselves because of our desire to conquer and impose our ideas on other nations).

Susan said...

When Philip took his college econ class, it was a breeze for him. He said he had the basic foundation down pat from "Penny Candy." When he mentioned it to his prof, the teacher said he wished all his students could come in with that foundation. (And I'm thinking, "Well, you could just make it required reading the first week of class....")