Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sam Gets It

For part of Sam's school, I read the same story to him every day for a week. We'll talk about it, and I'll ask him to retell it to me and then we'll draw a picture for his notebook. This is like Five In A Row, which is where I got the idea, but much easier and simpler, which is something I need at this point.

This week he picked the book, "Billy and Blaze" by C.W. Anderson. He sat on my lap for me to begin reading. I did, "Billy was a little boy who loved horses more than anything else in the world."

Sam turned his face to me with big eyes and said astonishingly, "Even more than Jesus?"


Laura said...

I LOVE that part of being of being a mommy! (And a Sunday School teacher too!)

Lisa said...

I loved our five in a row days. How old is your son? Are you following any booklist or curriculum in particular now?