Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I heart my i-pod touch

For Christmas, David and I bought each other an i-pod touch. Wow is that a nice little gem of a toy. Since we are adults, we still haven't figured out all the neat little things it can do, but we are learning.

My favorite thing, though is this:

We bought with Christmas money from my mom (thanks again Mom!) a docking station for the kitchen. Now I can listen to talk radio once more! Yeah, I can get my Rush fix, or Jason Lewis (MN's Mr. Right) fix while cooking dinner and supper. Yippee! I heart radio is wonderful!

See several years ago we bought an under the cabinet radio/cd player so that I could listen. But the talk radio station wouldn't tune in and only a couple of other stations would come in nicely. It mainly became a place to play our cd's whether for school or personal listening. But I so missed listening to talk radio when I was fixing lunch or supper or at other times. Not now, the new i-pod touch will stream my favorite radio station using the i-heart radio application.

The other great thing is that now we can finally listen to Issues Etc. We always knew it was a good show, but with no easy way of listening, we rarely, if ever, did. Not now, with our new i-pod touch we subscribe to Issues Etc., download the segments, and listen when we want where we want! It is great! I've added the link on my sidebar.

One day last week, David had to drive to Rochester for a hospital visit, after driving south for a circuit meeting. When he got home that evening he said he listened to 12 episodes of Issues Etc. He is really enjoying that ability.

I can also check emails and facebook with my i-pod touch. That is fun. Swim practices and swim meets are going to be a little more nice for me while I can listen to Issues, Etc. or any number of cd's, or if there is wireless internet in the building, check emails, or stream live radio. Woo Hoo!


Jenny Chavez said...

I got an really small ipod last year for myself and this year I earned a free docking station through MK. I listen to my music ten times more now so I completely understand where you are coming from. Isn't it cool to be part of the "now" :)

Dakotapam said...

I got the Rev an iPod nano for his birthday in Septmeber, he loves it. BUT he really needed a PDA type of thing, so he just ordered a touch yesterday, and I will get his nano...sounds like a sweet deal for both of us!

Glenda said...

Yes Jenny, I'm hanging on the very shirttail of "cool" for a little while yet.

Pam - the ability to have a PDA ability is one of the features David loves about it. Now our girls are saving up their money for refurbished nanos.