Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Reading

RPW has a good post. Go here and read.

My in-laws told us of a young couple who found themselves unable to resist and the girl became pregnant. They are 14 years old. The parents took them to MO, had them get married and now they are living with one of the parents, going to school, and raising a baby. Some in my in-laws neighborhood are shocked and disturbed that the parents had them get married. I think it was a good idea. My prayer for this young couple is that the parents around them and even in the neighborhood will support them, and help them make their marriage last their lifetime.

I'm under no illusion that it will be easy, but I am fully aware that the same media and world and sadly even many Christians RPW speaks of in her post are also the same ones that will say things like this to this couple, "You had to give up so much, now it is time for you to do something for yourself, " or "If you don't love him/her anymore, go ahead and get a divorce," or other garbage.

I have other thoughts, but they seem to want to stay jumbled up in my brain. I think I'll go do some more cleaning before this becomes even more unclear. If you didn't before,
This post.

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The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Thanks for the referral!

In that same show that I mentioned, the next story was about how tragic it was that some couples are forced to stay together because they cannot afford to get divorced. I had to laugh at their idea of "afford," too. They weren't talking about literally not being able to afford it, but had assets tied up, such as a house, that could not be settled easily.

But still, isn't that what "for better or worse" is? Jeff and I literally had a year after seminary where if I could've afforded to leave, I possibly would've. Yet, we were able to be healed and I am so completely blessed by the most wonderful husband in the world. It seems like a different life.

And most research shows that people who reported that their marriage is in crisis, five years later, reported high contentment with their marriage, amongst those that stayed.

I found it completely atrocious and had to turn it off, so I missed what they had to say on the Facebook breastfeeding picture stance. I wasn't too confident of getting an intelligent analysis anyway.