Monday, November 10, 2008


A year ago today our trip to Germany was to its last day. We spent the morning on a two-hour bus-ride tour of Munich ending at the Glockenspiel. Unfortunately for us, the chimes we're out being fixed, so we saw the life-sized figurines dancing, but to no music. (the first six pictures in this post are from my bil Mark)

Then we were free to walk around Munch. We simply were amazed at the outdoor market.

The first time we heard a polizei siren, both David and I turned to each other and wondered where Jason Bourne was, but confident he would narrowly miss being caught.

David and I joined Paul and Lori for an Avantinis (Paul's all-time favorite) at the brewery right off the Marienplatz.

Then David and I walked to the Augustiner brewey and enjoyed another delicious beer.

Then we walked back to our hotel, and enjoyed some snacks we bought at the Aldi store and Rewe store right across the street.

After a rest, we walked on to the Lowenbrau brewery and yes, sampled yet another delicious beer.

Finally, for supper we walked along with about 30 of our group back to the Augustiner brewery for our last meal in Germany (this picture from my sil, Mary)

and of course, more delicious beer.

Oh yes, we had a wonderful day.

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organistsandra said...

Oh Glenda, what fun! Your photos and memories sound so familiar to me. We were in Munich too, and I loved it all. Thanks for the great memories.