Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Looking Back

One year ago today I was here in the most beautiful church in Germany.

Then we visited here at the Augustinian Monastery (You can look here and here and here for my previous posts with pictures of the Augustinerkloser).

Next we walked over the Kramerbrucke, the only inhabited bridge in Germany supporting some 32 houses.

We also went went through Mariensdom, where the crucifix on my blog was taken.

Finally before leaving to drive to Eisleben the sun peaked out to make a gorgeous view of Erfurt's square.

We arrived too late (due to road construction which led us all around the beautiful countryside) in Eisleben to see Luther's birth house and death house. We did, though, see Luther's Taufkirche (baptism church).

Here is the crucifix, which has real human hair,

a fount from the same period,

and since it was dark in the city we were only able to get a couple of other pictures:

a street cover

and a neat window with a Harry Potter display we knew the kids (and we) would love.

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