Thursday, November 06, 2008

Last Day in Lutherland

A year ago today we ended our visit to Lutherland by touring Lutherhalle, the house where Luther and his family lived in Wittenberg.

(Note: the first three pictures were taken by my bil Mark)

I had no idea it was that big! It is now full of all sorts of artifacts and books from the time of the Reformation, including first editions of many of Luther's books, Luther's desk, the mask made of his face on the day of his death, the pulpit he preached from at the city church, St. Mary's:

and the "chest with three keys."This chest Luther intended as a parish chest set-up in the church with the money received to be used to help the needy in the congregation.

In the basement we saw some of the barrels where Katie stored the beer.

Of course Katie was a hard-working woman, but she had time to take a walk with me.

Shortly after noon after most had grabbed a bite to eat (David and I opted for one more delicious apple strudel fresh from the bakery), we loaded the bus and drove to Rothenburg in time for a nice evening meal.

At each hotel, I would take a picture of our room and the view out our window. Here is our room in Rotenburg.This one, like all of them, were nice, clean, and comfortable. By this time we were use to twin beds pushed together, no top sheet only a down comforter to cover up, and fluffy, though not necessarily all night, down pillows.

There were some differences in each room as can be expected. This one we had to put the key into the switch in order to turn on the lights.

And the bathroom had the first glass door and half glass shower door which I had never encountered before.

But the best was the view from our window. It was fun for me to swing open the curtains in each hotel and look out the window at our view. Being that Rothenburg is a medieval town and we were staying in the heart of the city, I expected to see lots of old charm. And that is what I got. Part of the medieval wall!

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