Saturday, November 08, 2008

Innsbruck and Oberammergau

Are you tired of reliving my trip from a year ago? If so, run along to the next blog, because I'm not done yet. I'm having fun thinking back to our wonderful trip and I hope you'll indulge me a few more days.

One year ago today we spent the morning in Innsbruck, Austria.

Oh wow - the beautiful snow-topped mountains with the city nestled below. It was so pretty.

We walked all around and through many neat shops. I bought a beautiful Christmas table linen for my side table, and in that same shop we loved seeing the thousands upon thousands of eggs decorated in any way you can imagine.

We also enjoyed our first slice of mouth-watering pizza and glass of Coke since we had left the states. Yum Yum! Then we found a neat candy shop, Barenland. It was full of various flavors and shapes of marshmallows. The nice lady at the counter offered us samples, we gladly accepted. We then bought a bag of Christmas tree and snowman shaped marshmallows for our children to enjoy in their hot chocolate. They loved them all winter-long.

We also saw the golden roof (and I don't remember now why it is famous) and then headed back to Oberammergau for the afternoon.

On the way back we stopped in order for everyone to have an opportunity to take some pictures of the beautiful mountains.

We spent the afternoon walking around Oberammergau, admiring the murals on the buildings, (picture from my bil, Mark)

the many wood carvings, (picture from my sister-in-law, Mary)

and the other beautiful things offered. Our youngest son's birthday was the day we were flying home, so we brought him a gift from Oberammergau - a wooden walking stick just his size. He loves it and plays with it every day.

At one point in the afternoon while David and I were walking around, the sun peaked through, shining on the hillside. It was a beautiful sight.


Michelle said...

Oh, Glenda! I love these pictures! We've walked some of the same paths. In the summers of 1997 and 1998 we were in Rothenburg, Innsbrook and also went to Dachau.It is so awesome over there! I would LOVE to go back again! Post all the pictures you want! I re-live my vacation with you! :)

Cheryl said...

Your photos are breathtaking!

AmusedMomma said...

The second one and the last one are simply mesmorizing! How beautiful!

Glenda said...

Thanks Michelle, Cheryl, and amusedmomma. I'm glad you all are enjoying my trip pictures. I took video, so sometime when we're together I can even bore you with the trip video while you pour over my almost completed scrapbook album with many of these same pictures, plus more.

Michelle said...

Oooh - that would be fun! I've got photo albums and videos too! We could compare photos! :)