Friday, November 21, 2008

If you were a mouse

and were in our house over the noon hour the last two days you would have heard:

Thursday Noon after the meal and during devotions:
Dad after finishing reading from Genesis 44 looked up and said "yes Nathan" because he had raised his hand to ask a question.

Nathan: "Why did Jacob love two sons and not the others?"
Dad: "He did love all the rest, but apparently he loved Jacob and Benjamin more because they were the two sons of his favorite wife, Rachel. Remember Jacob had 4 wives with sons from each."
Nathan: "oh."
Dad, speaking to all the kids: "You all are lucky, because you are all children of my favorite wife."

Friday Noon after the meal:
Hannah: "Aren't there Advent services?"
Dad: "Yes and go ahead and ask me what I'm going to preach on."
Ellie: "What are you going to preach on?"
Dad: "I have absolutely no clue."
Ellie: "Well couldn't you just preach on Christ's coming and Christmas?"


The Parson's Wife said...

So, here is our house (the parsonage)

Child, "When are we leaving for our Thanksgiving break?"
Mom, "After Thanksgiving Service on Wednesday night"
Child, "So, who is sick?"
Mom, "Why?"
Child, "When we go out of town we always have to come home early because of a funeral."

Life in the Parsonage

The Parson's Wife said...

BTW, yup, we are home early... shoot.

Glenda said...

I wondered about you all, especially since my dh had a funeral this time around.