Monday, September 29, 2008

Mmm Mmm Good

For a long time I've heard that yogurt is good for you and your health, but I've never liked it. I remember in college trying yogurt different times and different kinds, but never tolerating the taste. But I still knew it was good for me, so when I had kids, I began feeding them yogurt as little kids. They all like it. Now fast forward to last year, when I realized that the yogurt I was feeding the kids was merely lots of sugar and not full of the "goodies" which should make yogurt good for you. So I began switching them over to plain or vanilla flavored yogurt, allowing them to add our own frozen strawberries, or some can of fruit or fresh fruit. They have all liked that (well, one not so much, but he is getting there).

But I've still not liked it and neither has David. But in an effort to "learn to like it," I started eating small portions of the Stonyfield Farm plain yogurt. It was tolerable, but still not something I wanted.

One day I did my grocery shopping in a different Hy-Vee. While looking in the dairy section for more yogurt I saw this,

remembered that I had read in "French Women Don't Get Fat" that Greek yogurt was so good and tasty, and decided to buy it.

Oh wow- I love this yogurt! It is so creamy and delicious, tart like sour cream (which I've always loved), and oh so good. Now I want to eat yogurt and have even craved it for a snack. Eating it with some homemade granola and fresh peaches has been my breakfast choice for several days. David really likes it too, and because we're crazy and this brand is on the expensive side, we're going to try to make Greek yogurt. Hopefully it will be as tasty as The Greek God's brand and we can make it all the time.


Melanie said...

Stonyfield whole milk yogurt is really good (and not sugar laden like other brands) and it's cheaper than greek yogurt, though it is still expensive.

We've been buying raw milk for about a month and I've decided to make homemade yogurt. My oven light has been broken since we moved to this house 11 years ago. But, I figured out I could use my crockpot filled with water, set on low and place 3 quart jars in it filled with fermenting yogurt. It will stay the correct temperature for the correct length of time to make yummy yogurt. Guess what my afternoon project is today? After I try this one, I'll try the greek yogurt recipe and see which we like best.


Jane said...

I'm going to have to try this. (Or maybe I shouldn't, since I know it's only at our really expensive grocery store. :) ) The fact that you've craved it makes me want to try it because I tolerate yogurt, in most cases, but I never could really use the word like.

Glenda said...

Go ahead Jane - splurge!

Our trial of making yogurt worked! We thought it wasn't going to, but after sitting out all day and not getting thicker, we then tried your trick Melanie of putting it in a crock-pot of water on low. We did that for a couple of hours and then it sat out overnight. By morning, it was yogurt, still more runny than "The Greek Gods" but tasty.

Other notes if you try that recipe: use a 2 quart jar (I used a glass pickle jar); I strained it through an old cloth dishtowel (feed sack style) twisted and tied with a rubber band, set in a strainer over a bowl; it made enough to fill a 32oz yogurt container.