Friday, September 12, 2008

A first for David

On Tuesday David had a funeral. After the luncheon he came home to tell us that he experienced a first in 11 years of being a pastor. Apparently while waiting in line for the lunch, a man had waited to be in line beside David and "talk" to him.

He started out telling David that he has a problem with "you young Lutheran pastors." David asked if he could ask why. He was willing to answer that. "I've been Lutheran longer than you've been alive and at my relative's (I think it was his mother, but not certain) funeral the young pastor wouldn't let me play mom's favorite song." Well, David can't speak to that although he feels pretty certain that what that young pastor did was most likely the right thing and what he would have done in the same situation. But this man wasn't finished "picking a fight."

"And you enunciate to much." he told David. "I've studied that and you would make a good Baptist pastor." David (more than a little shocked) responded, "My Dad is hard of hearing and he has told me many times that if he can't hear the pastor what is the good of that. "

So if you ever come visit and have the opportunity to worship with us, know that my husband "enunciates too much," and therefore you will hear the Word of the Lord read and preached clearly, whether you have the ears to hear is another thing.


elephantschild said...

((hugs to you guys)) No matter how much you know you're not in the wrong, these sorts of events leave a person a bit rattled, don't they?

Perhaps I should say, "They. Leave. a. person. a. bit. rattled. don't. they ?"

Kristi said...

Oh My! Sorry David (and you) had to go through this... (HUGS)

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

ROFL...I'd ignore the other stuff and just bask in the fact that he said David was YOUNG...and so by association, so are WE!!!

Glenda said...

Thanks for the hugs. We were laughing too RPW, we couldn't believe he would say that! David is currently at his third funeral for the week, I wonder if anything out of the ordinary will happen at this luncheon?

Cheryl said...

My husband (a cantor, not a pastor, for those readers who don't know me) recently got a similar comment from a mother of a bride. As the cantor at our church, my husband assists all couples couples who will be marrying in our congregation in selecting music for the wedding. When he explained to the mother of the bride that "Ave Maria" was not appropriate for a Lutheran wedding, her response was that she had been Lutheran her whole life and all the weddings in her family had that song, so who was he to say otherwise?