Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two down, what is next?

I posted yesterday about the way David creatively fixed our coffee when our pot wouldn't work. Well, the next thing to break was the shower door. I had sent the boys up to shower and I heard a loud crash, then one of them calling me up to help. Apparently the shower door had somehow come off the track (it has been known to do that and we simply put it back on) and Nathan tried to fix it, but it wouldn't work. One of the rollers came off and all these little beads that were inside the roller fell all over the tub. Oh boy. What now? Fortunately we have a second shower and I sent them there to bathe.

After thinking, I remembered our Germany trip. In our hotel in Rothenburg, our shower looked like this:

It was only a half glass partition and for the most part the water stayed in the tub (unless you are really tall like my husband). And the door to the bathroom was glass - that is one I doubt I'll try in my own home. But we're talking about shower doors for now....

So I slid the one working door close to the faucet, aimed the faucet down and voila:

We can know use the shower until I find a shower curtain I like. And more than likely, my bathroom floor will be moped quite regularly after certain kids' showers.


Laura said...

Don't say that....bad things come in three!

Glenda said...

Exactly what I'm afraid of!

Karen said...

We used to have sliding shower doors in our bathroom. The door near the faucet was not movable. I ended up removing the doors and getting a shower curtain, because my infant/toddlers would refuse to leave the shower and I couldn't reach them without getting in the tub.

Hope you find a shower curtain you love. My husband found a cloth liner similar to the ones used in hotels. It never gets mildew on it.