Sunday, August 24, 2008


To keep up with the Jones, or in my case other homeschooling mommies, I thought I'd list out what the students (7th grade, 6th grade, 3rd grade, 2nd grade, and Kindergarten) at Mumme Lutheran Latin Academy will be doing this year.

  • Hannah and Ellie will continue working through Wheelock's under the tutelage of their father completing the book by next year.
  • Nathan and Abby will begin their Latin careers with Prima Latina taught by me.

  • Hannah will finish Saxon 87 and move into Algebra 1/2.
  • Ellie will finish Saxon 65 and move into Saxon 76.
  • Nathan will finish MUS Beta and then I have to decide if I'm sticking with MUS or switching him back to Saxon.
  • Abby will finish MUS Alpha and then I have to decide if I'm sticking with MUS or switching her back to Saxon.
  • I still haven't decided with Sam whether he'll be in Saxon or MUS. For now we'll simply work with counting and numbers and colors and "fun" stuff.

  • This year we are in year 4: 1850 - the present. I'll use SOTW, and VP as spines and then have lots of supplemental reading gathering books from the above lists along with TruthQuest History and All Through the Ages.
  • Plus since I really dropped the ball on our time lines last year, we'll pick that up again this year using a lot of the timeline figures from Amy Pak.
  • Hannah will be on her own this year working through General Science by Apologia.
  • Ellie, Nathan, Abby, and sometimes Sam will be doing Botany this year.
  • Hannah and Ellie will continue working through Classical Writing.
  • Nathan and Abby will work on basic grammar and sentence structure in The Writing Road to Reading.
  • Hannah and Ellie want to work through our Rosetta Stone program. (Dad and Mom do too, but somehow we don't ever seem to find the time.)
  • Hannah will continue with piano and violin.
  • Ellie will continue with piano and begin flute.
  • Nathan will begin piano.
Bible/Catechism (I never think of this as a subject, simply part of our lives)
  • We try to be faithful in attending Daily Matins.
  • We work hard on learning the Catechism, Bible Verse, and Hymn for the week using the Congregation at Prayer. Some weeks are always better than others, but we keep plugging along.
  • Nathan and Abby use the Catechism, Bible Verse and Hymn as daily handwriting practice.
  • This year I'm encouraging Hannah and Ellie to read through the Bible daily following the schedule Pastor includes on the Congregation at Prayer.
  • This year I'll work with Nathan, Abby and Sam to recall the Bible stories that are read at noon by Dad and using the "Bible Stories for Daily Prayer" by Pastor Fabrizus to help teach.
  • Hannah begins Catechesis class.
Wow, this looks like a lot - no wonder we're always so busy! But not everything is done every day and we just keep going till we're done, which in reality means, we just keep going. Our goal is always to be better at getting things done and moving along at a decent pace. Of course the best thing about homeschooling is that you move along at the pace family life dictates, knowing that the goal is not to create super-intelligent, 5-day, Jeopardy champions, but adults who love to learn and know how to learn regardless of where they are or what position in society they hold.

Here's to a productive year!

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