Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Speaking of Cleaning....

Were you (or are you) one who made your own baby wipes instead of buying them? Once you're done with wiping bottoms don't stop making them. Here is what I do:

Now instead of using baby oil and baby soap mixed in the water, I use tea tree oil and Shaklee Basic H (you can use whatever cleaning soap floats your boat) mixed in the water and add the paper towels. Its uses:

  • Each day the two youngest take some and wipe clean all the toilet seats and sinks in the house.
  • If some little boy "misses," I grab a couple to clean up (or make him).
  • They're great for kids to take and wipe doorknobs and light switches.
  • Take them on trips to wipe hands and faces in the car or on a picnic.
  • When kids feet are only a little dirty, I make them use them. But normally they have a bucket of soapy water, a rag and an old towel outside to clean up before coming in - a tip from my wonderful sister in law, Lori.

Really, you could use them for all sorts of various cleaning jobs, but these are our regular. Wiping down counters or fronts of appliances would work, but I'd rather use a spray bottle and rags for that. Happy cleaning.


Jenny Chavez said...

Great ideas! I generally buy the Mr. Clean wipes for the same things. However, I generally only wipe down the bathrooms on the weekends. What I REALLY wanna know is when the boy will stop "missing". That drives me nuts!

Polly said...

I was a person who made my own wipes by sawing a roll of paper towels in half ( ruined several knives I'm sure) and making them fit into a round tupperware container.

Really really enjoy these little kid days Glenda. They end far too quickly.

Gauntlets said...

I made my own wipes for awhile, but they usually grew mold before I could use them up. We've added a couple of mess-making kids since then, and maybe we'd get through a roll in time. But the thought of cleaning something else is prohibitive for me.

Do you have a secret?

Glenda said...

I remember that sometimes mine would get moldy too, so I started adding a touch of rubbing alcohol. But with the cleaning, I've not had that problem. My guess is that the tea tree oil prevents it.

Secret to cleaning - well, my problem is I can only live with dirt so long. Plus I've found through much trial and error that having those wipes handy help cleaning. If they are right there in the bathroom, they are easy to grab to wipe up that dirty sink or toilet seat, or icky feeling doorknob. Better yet - teach your oldest, even a 3 year old can do a decent job - how to do it. Capitalize on their love of "helping." It won't be perfect, but if I left cleaning till I could do it perfect, well, it just wouldn't get done. A lick and a promise is now better than nothing.