Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown

And that really, really hurts. I broke mine on Monday noon, eating fresh blueberry pancakes. For the past month every now and again I have felt a tenderness in the back left bottom tooth which I thought was a cavity developing. But apparently that was my crown cracking and voila it finally broke.

Boy oh boy do exposed nerves make eating and drinking really sensitive! I now drink everything with a straw. David has asked me the last couple of days if I want to have a beer with supper or a glass of wine. But I refuse to drink those with a straw. I only eat things on the right side, because pressure on that tooth hurts. I eat smaller amounts because I have to take smaller bites (maybe this is the silver lining?) Rinsing my teeth after brushing is painful.

I get to experience this for another week and a half before the dentist can put in another crown. (well a temporary then two weeks after that appointment he'll put in the real crown). And of course they couldn't do it the same day as my scheduled cleaning, no I'll have to make extra trips.


Presbytera said...

Oh my! Sympathizing with you here in Cleveland.

Jane said...

Oh, ouch! Dental stuff is all bad, IMO, but nerve pain are the worst.

Karen said...

Dental pain is the WORST!!! Child birth is easier to handle! I had the first part of a root canal on a crowned tooth last week. Wednesday, I get to complete the procedure. I'm hoping that the crown will withstand the remaining drilling, so I don't need a new one. The dentist mentioned that almost all crowns will need root canals. No wonder the dental profession is not my favorite!
Praying that it goes well.