Monday, June 16, 2008


Coming up with meals is the bane of every cook. Cooking them is the easy part, figuring out what to cook is the headache. Even more so days before vacation.

We still need to eat, but I don't want to leave any leftovers. But then to come up with meals that either a. have enough leftovers to cover two meals or b. don't have any leftovers AND are relatively nutritious is a challenge.

I can't say yes every meal (although I want to and we did have hamburgers for Father's Day supper and hotdogs for today's lunch!) to hotdogs or hamburgers or frozen pizza because on vacation we will have to eat at restaurants and having just ate junk food at home makes eating junk food out less appealing.

I can't say yes to my new favorite lunch of cut-up veggies, fruit, cheese, summer sausage and crackers or bread because I'm saving that for our lunch in the van on the drive.

I'll come up with something, I just want to be on vacation now.

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Karen said...

We eat the veggie, fruit, cheese, French bread meal all the time during hot weather. Silly me never thought of adding summer sausage. Have a terrific vacation!