Friday, June 13, 2008

I feel like nothing has gotten done

But as I make this list, apparently my *feelings* don't jive with reality.

1. We've started back into regular school mornings, accomplishing some Math, Science, and History each day. David has been teaching Latin and Greek whenever his schedule allows.

2. I've washed all the sheets in the house (one young sons, - ev-er-y- mor-ning- as he still does not awaken before relieving himself).

3. My kitchen floor and counters have stayed clean this week.

4. We selected paint for our living room and dining room. Both rooms will be the same color as they are one big room with colonnade half wall dividers, dividing the two. We've been thinking of painting since we moved in five years ago. But once we bought new furniture last summer, we began more seriously contemplating paint. I had originally thought I wanted a green, but was afraid these north/west facing rooms which are fairly shaded, might then be too dark. So I just didn't ever decide. Then David , on Tuesday, said he was going to make a hospital visit in the town with The Home Depot. In ten minutes, we picked a paint color and he went and bought it. Fall Mood

5. Accomplished the errands one day - gas fill up (ouch!), library, groceries, oldest girls finally were able to spend their gift certificates they won from their piano teacher in the April "practice time" competition.

6. Hannah recited for us "Paul Revere's Ride" by H.W. Longfellow. She memorized it by herself in a month and then recited it with a handful of mistakes. WOW, David and I were impressed as were Grandpa and Grandma who were visiting that night. I had read this to the children during our study of the American Revolution and challenged them to try and memorize it. Hannah took the challenge and did a tremendous job.

7. I picked out a photo album and supplies for my Germany trip pictures and souvenouirs. My Creative Memories consultant helped. I chose the Chocolate 12x12 coverset with natural pages and the "Earthy" Power Pallete. It should come in this week and I'm looking forward to scrapping.

Now I need to make some more bread, accomplish more laundry (it really never ends, right Laura?), shower, think of lunch, get the oldest to violin for a group performance, and who knows what else.


Laura said...

Never...ever...does the laundry end. I have a load going right this minute! Please take pictures of your living room painted...the color sounds intriguing. I should paint our living room a different color. I painted it the wrong color many years is a hot chocolate color, it should be golden yellow. Maybe this summer? Kathy M. is painting her basement after it flooded slightly...and I am her consultant. :) We will be meeting later today. See you next week!!!


Jane said...

It really does help to write it down sometimes. It looks so much more significant on paper than it does floating around in your head!

AmusedMomma said...

You've got some pretty high expectations of yourself if that list still doesn't make you *feel* like you've accomplished a lot!