Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Workout

Yesterday we spent most of the day completing housework and outside chores. I wanted to mop my kitchen floor which was in desperate need. So I spent over three hours scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing. (This is what I get for never being consistent!)

I went two rows of tile (linoleum, not real tile) at a time. First I used the scrub brush, then sprinkled on baking soda, then scrubbed that with a scrubbing sponge, next a rag to wash it off, then a clean rag to rinse it off. Yes it took a loooong time. But it looks better.

The bad thing is that now my triceps muscles are killing me. They ached and ached and ached last night and still have a dull ache this morning. The good thing is that all the while scrubbing I listened to all of Pr. Bender's presentation on "95 Theses for Christian Parents" - (Well, not Quite) Implications of the Fourth commandment for Fathers and Mothers from the 2005 CCA Symposium and part of Pr. Stuckwisch's "How We Teach Our Children to Know Our Father in Heaven" - Jesus' Catechesis on the Lord's Prayer.

So even if you can't attend the CCA next week, or any other time, buy the presentations (go here and click on the online catalog, scroll down to Symposium audio tapes/cds) and listen to them at home or while in the car.


Jane said...

This is why our great-grandmothers didn't need workout machines. :)

I wish I could attend CCA, but we have to go to Wisconsin in July for Jonathan's music camp, and I just can't afford to do it twice this sumeer!

Lisa said...

HI glennda,

We've met on the LCMS homeschoolers yahoo list, we were going to come to your house the year you did Bride and Brats thing. I hope you actually get this comment, I'm kind of new to blogging. thanks for mentioning that you could buy the autios of the CCA lectures. I bet they were good presentations.