Wednesday, June 04, 2008


My friend Jane posted about her garden. What a lovely plot she has and some yummy things she has planted. Other Loopers talk about growing their own food in the summer, and I have tended to covet and despair that I'm not. My oldest kids have asked to plant some things to grow and I really wanted to do that for them. But frankly we don't have a great place to plant a garden. And I'm okay with that now (after much worrying, fussing, and fuming).

Last year I bought weekly things from our local farmer's market. For example, one day I bought the most beautiful roma tomatoes from one lady, onions and peppers from another, carrots and garlic from another, and went home to can some delicious salsa we've enjoyed all year. I realize now that some of these people count on selling their produce at the market, if I were growing my own, I wouldn't buy as much of theirs.

So I'm going to continue serving my neighbor by not having a garden. I'll buy from the farmer's market what I need for canning purposes and daily eating. I'll pay them for their hours of work in the sun planting, weeding, and harvesting. I'll pray God blesses them with good weather at appropriate times that their gardens may produce abundantly. And I'll trust that He will provide food for me as He always has in the past.

I'll gladly take the produce offered from congregational members who've been blessed with too much and want to share with us. And where would Charlie's joy be if he couldn't tell me each Sunday how much "my sweet corn" has grown or the weeds surrounding it, if I was growing my own?

God be praised for providing my daily bread and all that I need to support this body and life, whether that be in the form of friends offering abundant produce, or buying from the farmer's market, or purchasing at the grocery store. May He continually remind me to receive this daily bread with thanksgiving.


Maria said...

Glenda, were you in 4H?
They had a project called 10x10 garden. It was just that 10 feet by 10 feet square.
Anyway, I had fun planting lots of things in that little garden and we enjoyed many treats from that little plot. It did not feed us in the winter but it was a nice addition to our summer table.
Also container gardens will do nicely for some vegetables...just for fun for the kids

Kristi Heinz said...

I would have never imagined it about myself, but I ENJOY watching those little seedlings popping out of the ground. I can't wait to see how much they have grown each day. It is fun for me. Others may not see it as being all that fun. Who knows.

Can I get your salsa recipe? I am looking for a good one!

Wish you were cloes enough....your kids could help in our garden :0)

Glenda said...

Nope Mariah, I never did 4-H. I remember wanting too, but for whatever reason, Mom said no. The container garden was also suggested by another friend who does them with her daughters. But my problem is the only place that would be good for a garden is really the church's lawn (we live right next door). What would be considered parsonage yard doesn't get enough sun.

Kristi - shoot me an email so I'll remember to send the salsa recipe. If we were close enough, my kids would probably help better with your garden then one of their own. LOL :-)

Jane said...

We never had a garden until last year. We moved too much. Or the soil was cruddy. Or I just didn't wanna.

You can covet my garden and I'll covet your curls. :)

And I LONG for the day when I can serve my neighbors again by not cleaning my house. Oh, I already don't do much of it, but I loved it when I could add to someone else's blessings by paying them to do it.

Angie said...

I have never been able to keep plants alive. . .I just do NOT know how to garden and right now, I lack the time/energy to figure it out. And I always feel guilty about buying at the farmer's market or so eagerly accepting what we're given. . .but you know, I should just remember that God gives daily bread in many ways.