Tuesday, June 17, 2008


1. Van cleaned out, vacuumed (I even carpet cleaned it), and filled......check
2. Laundry done, mostly........check
3. Bags packed.........almost
4. Library books returned or renewed........check
5. Kid's bathed........check
6. Dog to Grandpa and Grandma's..........check
7. Signed off email list Loopers lest I come home to hundred's of emails.......check

I still need to finish packing, and then load the van, then we're off. Yippeee!

Update on our meals. Here is how it worked:
Monday supper: Hot roast beef (leftover in the freezer) that I heated and made a gravy then served with mashed potatoes, the rest of the fresh green beans and bread.
Tuesday breakfast: Cereal (used up one open gallon of milk)
dinner: Fried chicken, the rest of the mashed potatoes, the little bit of green beans, a few baked beans and the leftover biscuits from Sunday's meal of biscuits and gravy.
supper: Bacon and corn bread
Wednesday's breakfast: will be left over corn bread and fried eggs or muffins that Hannah and Sam made for our trip.


Munster Maria said...

Brave of you to vacuum the van prior to a trip!

Kathy said...


Just wanted to let you know that I actually checked in on your blog. I'm going to try and add it to my list of regular check-ins! Enjoyed our lunch together and hope you found Stemper's OK!