Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catechesis - doesn't help if you're not listening

Last week at the CCA, the kids and I attended morning Matins. While waiting for it to begin, I noticed that the first session to immediately follow was "Sample Catechesis: Fifth Commandment Basics Cain and Able and the "Murder of God" led by Pr. Bender. Since the water park didn't open until after the session ended, I told the kids we would stay and listen. They didn't grumble too much and after Matins took the pieces of notepaper and pens available on the table and began doodling while Pr. Bender spoke.

I noticed that Abby (age 6) was writing a letter. I happened to see it and realized that she definitely was not listening to Pr. Bender as he catechized us in the 5th Commandment, teaching us that hating our brother was murder.

Here is her letter, misspellings and all.

Dear Nate
how are you Doeen to
Day you are a Dum pig so
good by O you are a pig

and I am not Joceene So
Do you gitit you are a weerdO
I am nefer toceen to you you are a wich O and stop the gofee Dum
pig never play to Day

Yes I'm saving it to hand to her as an adult. And yes, Dad did speak to her about her letter and no we didn't let brother read it in order to not deal with more problems.


Kristi Heinz said...

Welcome home. I hope you had a great trip! Did you make it to Louisville?

Okay, so, can I laugh? Kids are kids arent' they? I am glad that brother didn't get to read the note!

I watched as Ben drew through the whole thing. I thought he wasn't getting a thing out of it. His teacher told me last year that it drove her crazy that he drew while she was teaching, but she learned that he listened BETTER when he did, so she let him. I decided that I would give her theory a try. So, on the way to lunch I asked Ben what Pastor Bender talked about. He hit the nail on the head! He really got it. I guess Mrs. Erber was right! LOL!

It was good to see you!

elephantschild said...

I'm chuckling, sorry!! After all that, she signs it "Love, Abby."

And the rendering of "talking" as "toceen" and "joking" as "joceene" - I'll be chuckling over that, too.

It's really quite clever in a six-year old sort of way!

Glenda said...

Yes Kristi and EC - laugh - no apologies necessary. I did - well at least when she wasn't looking.

Kristi - No we didn't make it to Louisville, but we have that in mind for another year. And my kids often too like to draw or doodle while listening - it definitely helps some to pay more attention, others, apparently, need more help in learning to listen. :-)

EC - I thought the misspellings where classic. That made me laugh all the more. I love that she tries to write letters, sounding out the words to the best of her ability without asking me. Not once did she interrupt my listening for a spelling question, she dutifully did it herself.

Polly said...

LOLOLOL! Oh Glenda, I needed a laugh today - -too much teenager stress in my life these days.

Jane said...

That is priceless!!

Glad you're back. I always hate it when a friend is gone and her blog is quiet. :)