Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yee Haw! Fiddle-dee great!

Last fall Hannah began violin lessons. It was convenient (only 6 miles south) and cheap ($8/half hour lesson). I wasn't always happy with Mrs. Stangler, I thought that she didn't challenge Hannah, but I also doubted this as I have no violin background. All was hunky-dory after the month of December off, I thought we would have some great days to learn from January all through May. But I was wrong.

Lo and behold, she only teaches through Easter, and since that was early this year, we were done with lessons Holy Week with the recital the week after. Yes my doubts were surfacing again, and David and I thought we might need to look for another teacher. Then this became reality at the recital when Mrs. Stangler announced her retirement.

But lucky for us only a couple of days before while at the bank, the ladies mentioned another violin teacher right here in town! After making contact, we were invited to her student's spring recital. Hannah and I attended - wow they were very good. So arrangements were made and today was Hannah's first lesson with Ms. Bohlman.

Ms. Bohlman will challenge Hannah. She is a Suzuki teacher and has been playing since she was 3 years old (also learned via the Suzuki method). She plays in the symphony and also plays in a bluegrass band. She is quite "hands on" and was helping Hannah with better form in her hands and feet, yet always in a very uplifting, teaching way, not degrading.

We'll continue through May and with several lessons this summer. So now we have a very good teacher, who is in town (8 blocks away), and is still cheap ($65/month which includes a weekly lesson and a weekly group lesson).

Yes, we are thanking God who blessed us with this opportunity! I may grumble and complain about small town life, but really, I need to remember how blessed I am living in this small town.


Karen said...

Rejoicing with you on your happy situation! Katie wanted to take violin for years and we could never find a reasonably priced teacher. You should tape her playing sometime an add it to your blog.

Glenda said...

If I can ever figure out how to do that Karen, I certainly will!