Monday, May 05, 2008

Mary Kay

If you live in WI, IL, or IN and use Mary Kay or would like to learn about its products and try some via a skin class, please consider my sister. She has been selling for MK for some years and working at Verizon. But Verizon let her go last week and she is trying really, really hard to make a go now at only selling Mary Kay. She is willing to drive, to come to your home to meet with you only or you and a group of friends. Her goal is to tell 100 woman about Mary Kay before the end of May.

Contact her @ or through her MK website:

Please help if you can!

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Jenny said...

Thank you Glenda! She is right. My goal is to have 100 women try the new mineral products from Mary Kay. I would love to offer any of you a spa makeover. I appreciate anyone and everyone who can help me hit my goal. My website is

Have a great day!