Friday, April 18, 2008

Eleonore Myrna

11 years ago today, God blessed us with the birth of our second daughter.

We were living in a small apartment in Ft. Wayne while David completed his fourth year of seminary studies. It was a Thursday night and he had a paper to write and both of us were anticipating the birth of this second child but also call night the following Tuesday, April 22nd. Would we miss call night due to birth or just what would happen?

Well after putting our 18month old to bed, I began reading or cross-stitching in order to keep from bugging David while he worked on his paper. After awhile I decided to go to bed, but as I laid down,I felt something wet and quick ran to the bathroom. Not sure if this is what I thought it was, I sat down in the chair again and after needing to keep going to the bathroom, I told David I think we'll need to go to the hospital as I think my water broke. We awoke Hannah and took her over to David's brother (a first year seminarian) and sister-in-law's home, then headed to the hospital. As we got to the hospital and I was wheeled to the correct floor, it became clear to me that definitely my water had broke. But as I was having no contractions, they simply gave me a check, and told me to sleep the night and they would talk to the doctor in the morning.

The next morning, Friday, April 18th, they had me get up and start walking to try and help things get going. No problem, David and I walked around and around and around and around the labor/delivery floor, lapping poor women in obvious labor. I simply looked like I was exercising, except for the hospital gown. By about 11 I was still not having any contractions, but it was now 12 hours since my water had broke therefore, they thought it best to induce.

7 hours later, at 5:05pm, Eleonore Myrna made her first cries for our ears. She was 8lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long. She was such a cutey and looked exactly like her big sister did at her birth. We were so excited to have another darling little girl.

Eleonore was chosen because David's Grandma had that name and Mryna is his mother's name. So she inherited her Great-Grandma and Grandma's names.

4 days later, I was sitting beside my father (yes uncomfortably!) and mother in the pew at Kramer Chapel for call service where we found out that my husband had been called to be the pastor of a congregation in IL.

Happy 11th Birthday Eleonore!

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Rebekah said...

Oh my, I can't think of a more uncomfortable place to sit ANY time than those pews. 4 days postpartum!!