Thursday, April 10, 2008


Last November I went to Germany with my husband and 48 other people. It was fun and I'll post more pictures of the trip at a later date. But the trip led to my bedroom closet finally being usable. This is how it went.....

David and I actually had to buy clothes as neither of us had enough nice clothes to make it on a 11 day trip even with wearing everything twice. So we hit the outlets south of us and picked up some nice things. One Friday night I finally got everything washed and went to put them away. But I couldn't, there wasn't room in the closet. I was in one of those "moods" so I took everything out of the closet, piled it on our bed and in the hallway and was determined to do something. David came home from work, saw that he wouldn't be able to sleep that night, and willingly took me to Lowe's where we bought the closet supplies to fix the closet as we had measured and drawn out prior to leaving.

Of course by the time we got back home, it was too late to do anything, so I put the piles back into the closet so we could sleep. And of course David works Saturday and Sunday, so nothing was done then. But along came Monday, and he worked away finishing most of the job, but not all. Then the following Friday night he was able to finish it all, I could vacuum up the dust and put our things in their proper place.

In one short week, my closet went from maddening, to this:

Now we have all sorts of room. How is that possible? Why is it that when one utilizes organizing skills and storage helps, a once crammed space now has ample room?

Anyway, I now love it. But for you to love it, realize how it looked before. It had one shelf set right where the ceiling angles to meet the back wall. It wasn't deep enough to put on a t-shirt without it hanging over. Under that shelf was a bar for hanging clothes. There was another shelf and half bar on the left and right front sections which where basically useless. Now in those places we put up hanging clothes and a shelf (deeper and therefore usable) all the way around.

Now it is like a walk-in, and I love it. Everything is in its place and there is a place for everything. All because I got in one of those "moods."

Hmmm......I haven't had one of those now for several months, and Lent and Easter are over, maybe I could have one and work on painting the living room and dining room.


Jenny Chavez said...

Hmmmmm. To me it looks like you have created enough room to go shopping for new clothes.

Or I could go through my closet and send you some. :)

Anyway, it looks really nice. I love that feeling of a fresh new look.

Glenda said...

Yeah, it does make our small amount of clothes look even more small. We always laugh when we watch House Hunters and the lady always says about the huge master walk-in closet, "Wow, all my clothes will fit in here, and maybe some of yours hunny." This closet along with a couple of dresser drawers hold all of our clothes - winter and summer things, plus I can put David's and my winter coats and the church dresses the older girls have outgrown and Abby has yet to grow into.

But I would take clothes if you're giving them away. ;-)

Me said...

Maybe this would convince Jason that we need a trip to Germany. Riiiiiiight. :0)

Glenda said...

Hey, Me, it is worth a shot! You never know, it just might work. Can I tag along? :-)

Kristi Heinz said...

Okay. I thought cleaning my pantry was depressing. I realized how much I wasted. Then, I look at your beautiful closet....and the few clothes you have. I have SO many clothes! It is embarassing. I feel ashamed! What is wrong with me. I would like to ditch it all and start all over again. Does that make sense?

Glenda said...

Kristi, don't be ashamed! Remember I stay home every day, so what does it matter to my kids if they see me wearing the same thing every day? If I had to go out in public daily, I would need more stuff.

Laura said...

I am sooo in the mood to tackle our entire house! Closets are a great place to start...then work your way out. I get rid of clothes every year and I still have waaay too many...same thing with the girls. I really don't know where they all come from...they just appear. Happy getting dressed everyday!


Polly said...

There is nothing like cleaning a closet to make you feel "together" and organized on all levels.
I worked in my laundry area yesterday and it makes me feel great!

My rule for cleaning a closet is to hold up each item with the question - "do I love this?" If not, off to goodwill it goes.