Tuesday, April 15, 2008

20/20 Vision or Not

Since I'm lazy, all through the fall and winter I've been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts. But summer is a comin and I want to be able to see when I'm at the pool with the kiddos and wear sunglasses while I'm driving or walking around or sitting at the pool. So I've been wearing my contacts for a few hours each day getting my eyes used to them once again.

But since Saturday my right eye has seemed blurry. And no matter what I did nothing seemed to help. A couple of times I even got a headache. It seemed like there was some sort of film that wouldn't wash off. It was driving me nuts as it affected my vision. Everything was a bit blurry and not quite right.

Today I realized once again why my name ends with the syllable, "duh." After wearing my contacts most of the day, with the same problems, I got to thinking maybe they're in the wrong eye. So I switched them, and voila, I could see again, clearly, without blurriness.

What a dummy! But now I see!


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Karen said...

Oh Glenda! My eyes have the same prescription, but I put them in turned the wrong way occasionally. I can't imagine wearing the wrong prescription in each eye.