Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A favorite song from growing up

My Parents listened to country music. Mom's favorites were Charlie Pride and Conway Twitty while Dad was partial to Loretta Lynn. We watched every week, Hee-Haw, and the Grand Ole Opry; along with the Dolly Parton Show and The Barbara Mandrell Show (who was my favorite).

We vacationed in Nashville and even watched a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Country music was playing in the house in the background all the time. My sister and I would sing along all the time while at home or while travelling in the car, even taking turns doing the backup parts.

On Sunday mornings while getting ready for church the radio would still be on, but being a country station, gospel music was playing. I remembering hearing them as I went about the house getting ready for church, but I don't remember paying any attention to them until one in particular began. I loved this one, I laughed and laughed imagining the antics and Dad guffawed, and Mom chuckled and Jenny thought it funny too.

I've always remembered this and wouldn't you know, it is on you tube! Thanks to my brother-in-law Sam, who asked me if I'd ever heard it while at their home on Easter Sunday for dinner. Oh yeah, I love that song, I said. So he played it for me and now I share it with you.


Me said...

I could have written this post.

Jenny Chavez said...

I LOVE this song! I have been looking and looking for it to show Miguel! Thank you for posting it. We laughed for a long time!!!!! You rock my sister!

Kristi Heinz said...

Yeah, I could have written the post too. My home had a weekly schedule of Hee Haw. I am afraid I have to admit that I remember thsi song! LOL! Thanks for the memories.

Laura said...

I loved Ray Stevens, too! My all time favorite was his version of "Misty". I remember hearing it on the car radio when we would drive to nothern Wisconsin for vacation. I didn't hear the song for many years...then stumbled upon it a few years ago. I bought a Ray Stevens CD....I can listen to that somg over and over.


AmusedMomma said...

Oh my goodness! What memories this brought back! Very big grin!

I had to show it to my kids -- who now have an ear worm. Bigger very big grin!

My favorite of Ray Stevens was The Streak. In high school I remember a couple of boys streaking across the football field during the half-time of homecoming. There were far enough away that we couldn't see details, but could laugh. And they did NOT get caught. Fast runners, I guess.

I needed this laughter this week, thanks for sharing!