Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Down Germany Memory Lane once again

Here is the 50 member group that we went to Germany with last November. We are standing in front of the castle church doors where Luther nailed the 95 thesis.

This trip was fun. I've finally edited all my pictures and have them printed. My bil has his edited and shared them with me, oh wow are his great. I'll have to share a couple of his, like this favorite one of David's:

Now I'm choosing pictures from his shots that I want printed and I will begin putting all of the pictures into a couple of scrapbooks.

While in Wittenberg we bought a couple of posters at the city church. One is of Cranach's altar piece. Here is my photo of it.

We bought the poster in order to have it matted and framed for David to hang in his vestry. The neat thing about his vestry is that it is a room directly behind the altar. The wall where the print will go is the wall directly behind the altar. Neat huh?

We also bought a poster of Martin Luther and Katie Luther, like this:

We framed those ourselves and they now adorn a wall in our living room. We thought it appropriate that the first family of Lutheran parsonages, should now adorn a wall in our Lutheran parsonage.

One of these days, I'll share more of the Wittenberg pictures with you. We took a lot of pictures there as that was one of our favorite cities, for many, many reasons.

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Kristi Heinz said...

Great pictures! I loved that trip. I really want to go back now that I am more mature! (and I now have a better camera)