Friday, January 11, 2008

Shower Thoughts

Last night after tucking in the little munchkins, I took my shower and started thinking about, well, showering. How good it feels to be washing away all the dirt and grime, sweat and oil, and feel clean once more. I remembered how when I'm sick and I don't shower due to not getting out of bed, the moment I do, I always, always feel like a human being once more.

Then I thought about how after the kids bathe (or when they were younger I bathed them), I love having them cuddle on my lap, and I smell the soap and shampoo, the cleanness of them and smile. It is one of my favorite things. Then I started thinking about how that is like baptism.

In Baptism God washed away all my filthy, dirty, rags. He scrubbed me clean and made me whole, new, perfectly human as He intended. He calls me by name, draws me to Him and smells the blood of Christ's righteousness, Christ's cleanness, Christ's wholeness on me and smiles.

And that made me smile, to think that my heavenly Father loves it even more than me to smell the cleanness of His children.

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Kristi Heinz said...

What a neat thought! I love the picture in my head!