Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life Happenings

We had a nice vacation last week. First we traveled on a very cold New Year's Day morning in which the kids enjoyed looking at sun dogs to Paul and Lori's arriving in time for supper. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and David and I enjoyed visiting with Paul and Lori.

Friday saw us saying good-bye to Paul and Lori and saying hello to Ralph and Amy. Since we were "passing through," we stopped and spent the day with our good friends. It was too short, but sweet and we bade them farewell after a delicious supper and finally arrived at Jenny's late that night.

Jenny and Miguel were married on Saturday, Jan. 5th in a simple church ceremony. Since David and I took the pictures, I'll post some once I download them. It was good to see Mom and Lynn and Andy once again, and to meet Miguel's family.

We worshiped with Laura on Epiphany Sunday, and look forward to doing so again when we can stay for Bible class and cash in our rain check for brunch. :-) We then packed the van and headed for home, driving in that awful fog nearly the entire way. Fortunately we weren't in or delayed because of any accidents.

Monday we spent putting things away and cleaning in preparation for starting back to schoolwork on Tuesday. That night was the first night of winter swim club. We signed up Nathan and Abby and had fun watching them learn. Coach said they did alright, they didn't complain or cry, which is what he looks for. So with time, they'll get stronger and more accurate on their strokes. They enjoyed it and felt pretty proud of themselves. For Hannah and Ellie it was simply old routine, they are improving quite well.

Today our first day back to school after the break went well. We've had to rearrange the schedule a bit, and there was some grouchies, but they didn't rule the day. I'm amazed that the kids remember what they do. When starting up History, they were able to answer the questions about the pilgrims and Squanto for review. When I pulled out the science book, I saw that I had read the entire chapter on Mercury but we hadn't completed any notebook pages. While drinking our hot chocolate, I asked them what they remembered and wow, did they remember quite a bit. So out came the notebook pages and they worked on that, which means tomorrow we can do the experiment and move on. Yippeee!

As for me, I've successfully completed all but one load of laundry and broke my crock-pot. That mess ensured that my laundry closet is now swept clean and mopped. Now I guess I'll have to go on a search for a new one.

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