Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks Mom!

I have a beautiful table (the one I wrote about in my last post) with new handmade linens.

The 99 cent poinsettias from Aldi and the candleabra from Wittenberg look extra special with my new place-mats and napkins. Thank you Mom for making them for me, I absolutely love them!

The Advent calendar (I also wrote about in the last post) is hanging on the window in the back. It is very similar to the Jesse tree which Presbytera uses, but ours isn't tracing the lineage of Jesus as much as using symbols representing the Christian faith; today we hung up the celtic cross.

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Jenny Schurman said...

Mom said, "The table looks beautiful. Its really neat. I would also like to see it directly on the table." They really do look nice. She gave me some for my house too. She is so talented!