Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Mind

I'm having trouble getting things done.

I'm still reveling in my Germany trip, editing the photos, reliving the fun. But things need to get done. I knew that I would need to get back to teaching the children after the trip, that hasn't been the big problem. The problem is my mind.

Every year the world is putting up Christmas decorations and shopping and thinking about this gift and that gift starting close to Thanksgiving. Even though I do not put up the decorations as early as the world, I usually am mentally preparing myself for the Christmas season. I make lists of gifts to purchase, foods to bake for home and church bake sales, parties to attend or plan; and then I organize how to get them all done keeping my sanity somewhat in tact.

But this year, my mind is still consumed with Germany. And even though I had planned out the gifts ahead of time and therefore can check that off the "to-do" list, I'm not ready for the baking, violin concerts, parties, decorating, etc. that is coming quickly upon me. And why do they all come in the same week?

This is my upcoming week:
Saturday and Sunday: All day swim meet - as in at the pool from 7am until 3:30-4:00pm. Yes I'm going on Sunday because this meet is the closest town to ours and allows us to return home in time for worship on Saturday evening.

Monday: A Looper friend and her 5 children are coming for a few days for our second annual cookie decorating fun. With her husband out of town on business, we use this time to decorate our sugar cookies, let the kids socialize (they're all homescooled, and therefore need lots of that - right?!), and enjoy all the Mom time we can.

Tuesday: We'll spend the day cookie decorating. This year another Looper who lives "next door" will join us. The more the merrier!

Thursday: I'll spend the day helping another lady in the church prepare the meal for that evening's Ladies' Aid Christmas dinner. That evening I'll help with the dinner and then zoom off to hear Hannah play her violin in a Christmas concert with other students of her teacher.

Friday: I'll finish up, or start, any baking for the Ladies' Aid Bake Sale and luncheon, plus make the Turkey Tetrazinni for the luncheon.

Saturday: I'll help at the luncheon all morning and most of the afternoon.

I know others do this and more. But my problem isn't doing it, it is that my mind isn't ready for it, therefore I'm not ready. Yes it will get done, and yes I will have fun, but I'd rather be here:

I think my mind would be up for that....But for now, bake to cookie baking.


Polly said...

I am loving your longer curly hair. What a trip!

AmusedMomma said...

All that baking may put you in the mood!

I've tagged you in a Christmas memories meme. Visit my blog if you want to play. And if you do, please leave me a comment so I'll know to come back here and read your post about your Christmas memories!


Glenda said...

Thanks Polly! I read a book, Curly Girl, and have been following it's principles more or less the last year. Letting it grow longer has been a great treat.

Thanks for tagging me Paula, I'll get to it after this week. :-) I'll comment on yours when I've completed mine!