Thursday, November 15, 2007

I blame it on my Dad

He use to always tell me, "You're dutchy girl." I never really knew why or what it meant. But he even said that about my two oldest girls when they were toddlers.

Your Inner European is Dutch!

Open minded and tolerant.
You're up for just about anything.


Laura said...


Glad to have you back and looking forward to your pictures! We hope to visit Europe in our 50's when all the kids are grown (well, except Ben, if he is still around...but then the kids can watch him). I got Dutch when I picked crazy things, like smoking weed. You didn't pick that one did ya? Rebekah's boyfriend got Dutch too...but he's not a partier, at least that is what he says. :)

Laura :)

Glenda said...

No I didn't pick that one. I didn't even remember that was an option, till I went back and looked at it. On that question I picked drinking beer in a cozy pub with friends. Who knows how they pick these things.

Jenny Schurman said...

My Inner European is Spanish. Fitting huh :)
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

Well, I see you redecorated your blog again. I am waiting until after Thanksgiving...then I will try to get it looking nice for Christmas. Great post today on the Loop...btw.