Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Girl

Hannah is now 12 (and 2 days)!

One of our birthday traditions is to make homemade ice-cream. It has always been just plain vanilla, because frankly, homemade ice-cream is delicious all by itself. But last year we started expanding into flavors. On her last birthday, which just happened to be her golden birthday, Hannah requested chocolate chip cookie dough. Her all-time favorite. Wow did that turn out delicious! Her sister, Ellie, requested chocolate for her birthday, and every one liked that (me, not so much).

This year, Hannah requested Peppermint ice-cream, her second favorite. Wow! That was so good! Sorry Schwan's I won't be buying your peppermint ice-cream this fall (which I normally do because it is one of my all-time favorites). I can make my own that tastes, dare I say it?, even better.

If you haven't ever tried making home-made ice-cream, you need to do it....soon! Electric freezers from your local store, make it easy to turn cream, sugar, eggs, and flavoring into delicious frozen treats. Go get yours and make some now! Your family will love you.

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