Friday, September 14, 2007

What's that I hear?

There are new sounds coming to my ears. Here is the source;

Our oldest had her first violin lesson yesterday. She was so excited. She did well, for getting a lot of information from the teacher in the first day.

I feel incredibly lucky to find this teacher. I had found someone else originally. But when she sent the lesson schedule, she included a note saying she wouldn't give lessons beyond December due to expecting her first baby in January. Why didn't she tell me that when I talked to her in August? I scrambled looking for someone else. Mrs. Stangler was recommended and upon talking to her, would gladly teach Hannah. This turned out even better for us than we could have hoped. Mrs. Stangler, a mother of 10 children ages 35-15, is charging two dollars less and is 14 miles closer to our home than the first instructor. She has lesson hours for homeschoolers in the middle of the afternoon, and I was able to pick one that would work best for us.

Now I'll keep in mind that she also does piano lessons, so if the new piano teacher doesn't work out, I'll switch to Mrs. Stangler for that as well.

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