Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just One More Thing....

I love Columbo. My husband loves Columbo. Good friends love Columbo and bought us Season 2 shows on dvd. They have Season 1 and we switched to watch each other's. I love the way Columbo solves the crime. I think about Columbo a lot during the day.

As I'm teaching and we're nearing the end: "Wait, one more thing, before you leave."

As I'm getting ready to leave the house, I think, "Wait, one more thing I need to get, or do."

As we're cleaning house, "One more job before you're through."

As the kids come into the office while I'm at the computer, "One more thing first before I answer your question."

As I'm planning for a trip, "Wait, one more thing I should pack, bake, or clean before going."

I think I need a brown trench coat, and to take up cigar smoking.

1 comment:

Presbytera said...

And never, never comb your hair! I like Columbo too!

What's Mrs. Columbo's name?