Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Home Schooling Treat

Every year the local children head back to their respective school buildings the day after Labor Day. And most years that week happens to be nice, hot, and sunny.

Perfect days for this:
Yes we have the pool mostly to ourselves. It is one of our favorite treats; to go swimming while all the other munchkins normally splashing about in the pool are sitting at their desks in a (most-likely) too hot, sweaty and stinky room.

There were two other children there, but they had to leave about five minutes after our arrival. Another couple, who was camping came and enjoyed the pool, then left after about a half an hour. Then another mom and her daughter, who have a seasonal site at the campground came about five minutes prior to us leaving.

But even with those few other people, it was most like our own pool. The kids enjoyed the water, I enjoyed getting in, getting wet, and then sitting on a lounge chair reading, Emma, by Jane Austen while drying off, getting hot and repeating the cycle all over again.

If you're worried about the education of my children, stop it, they're not yours, that is for me to worry about. But if you must know, today we accomplished:
Latin, Math, History, Reading, Home-Ec (cooking and cleaning up lunch, and helping me freeze 5 one gallon bags of whole tomatoes) and then 2 hours of P.E.:

I wonder if tomorrow will be as nice? We all hope so, this will be the last week the pool will be open, and so we'll want to take advantage as much as possible, don't you think?


Presbytera said...

We also have spent quite a bit of PE time visiting the pool at Great Grandma's apt complex. It has been perfect weather for holding these PE classes outside : )

Lotzastitches said...

How relaxing!

Our pool closed Aug 26 when the college aged lifeguards went back to school. :(

AmusedMomma said...

I love what you told people who might worry about the education of your children! Sounds like y'all had a great day!

Elizabeth said...

There were only a handful of boats out on the lake when we were on vacation last week. Absolute PARADISE!