Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are You Okay?

This was the title of the email awaiting me in my inbox from a dear Looper friend two days ago. She was concerned because I hadn't joined in the conversations on Loopers for awhile and my previous blog post had her concerned. Isn't that sweet? I love Loopers, she really made my day.

In case you too are wondering, here's what has happened.

We planned on leaving for vacation on Sept. 16th. Lowell, the man about whom my previous post was written, has been battling cancer for years, but recently has been getting worse. My husband visited him both on Friday and Saturday and called his wife on Sunday before we left. He wasn't doing well, and neither was she. He didn't know for sure what to do and we ended up driving to the hospital allowing my husband to visit Lowell one last time and also chat with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Then we left for vacation. That night Lowell was called home to his Father in heaven.

My husband had arranged with another pastor in the area to arrange the funeral and he would come back to officiate, then return to vacation. He left Thursday evening to arrive home for the Friday funeral. Unfortunately, he got sick during the night, was able to do the funeral, but then went back home to bed and slept all day. By Saturday morning, he sounded worse, and I'm in tears on vacation wondering how I'm going to get myself, the kids, and all our stuff home. Our friends who went on vacation with us, helped me locate a vehicle to rent, took me to pick it up, and we all cleaned up our cabins, loaded the vehicles and left for home. The kids and I arrived home late Saturday night.

I had called my in-laws and they had arrived at my house late Saturday afternoon, to bring their son some food and company. On Sunday after service (which due to the fact we were suppose to be on vacation, members wondered why the kids and I were there worshiping), they helped me get the rental van back to the right place, bought us lunch, and then had to head home.

Monday morning, my husband wasn't any better, so off to the doctor. Diagnosis: strep throat. He often has sore throats and swollen tonsils, but it is never strep throat. We're sort of relieved it is this time, because now, on the medicine, he is improving.

That's life in our home so far. Oh and my sister called on Sunday evening, her husband is in stage 4 liver cancer. Death is always drawing nearer.

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Cheryl said...

I am so sorry to hear about the difficult week you have had. May our gracious Lord be with you, your family, your dh, Lowell's family, and your sister & her husband and family, granting the healing, peace, and comfort that only he can.