Friday, August 10, 2007

Small Town Life

One more reason I have grown to love life in a small town: appreciation suppers.

I grew up on a farm, on the outskirts of a small city (about 40,000 people). My husband, though, grew up in a township in the middle of farmland. He remembers all the time that banks and insurance agents would have an annual, "customer appreciation supper." I always thought that was neat but never really experienced it until our life here.

Last night was the bank's appreciation supper for all those who had an account with them. We walked down to the bank and enjoyed hot dogs (good, skin-on hot dogs), a bag of potato chips, a snack cake and either pop or water. The tellers and other bank employees served us with gracious smiles and many words of thanks for coming. They had balloons and face-painting for the kids. We sat and ate and visited with members of our church, before walking home.

I don't know if the banks and insurance agents feel they *must* do this. But I found it nice and really appreciate that they care enough about us as customers to do something like this. This is one more reason I see small towns as one big family. These appreciation suppers are like the annual "family reunion."


Presbytera said...

What a blessing your family is experiencing in that small town!

Mumme Mom said...

Yes we are! In the mail today, was a note card from our insurance agent that next week is their customer appreciation supper. This time we'll have to walk about 3 blocks further. ;-)

Cheryl said...

I have lived in several moderately-sized cities as well as out in the country and in a small town (population 3,000 when I was in high school). Of course, currently I live in the Chicago suburbs. There is much to be said for our current location--so many things to do and see--but I often find myself longing for a simpler existence. I'm not sure we could ever be farmers, but I would love to some day end up in a small town (or on a small plot of land near a small town). I envy your lifestyle! (And you can still go to MOM when you want!)