Saturday, August 04, 2007


I know I've said this before, but I really like John Rosemond. I don't remember who suggested his book, Parent Power, to me back when my oldest was 2ish, but thank you! Before I had kids I always told my mom she needed to give me a swift kick in the pants if I did dumb stuff. Never living close enough for my mom to do that, John Rosemond does it for me. After reading his advice I always feel more capable of tackling the battles. Not that I'm always successful, but that I have good, solid, common sense weapons arming me.

Read his latest article here. Now I know even more why I never read the parenting magazines, but stuck with his various books. I'm going to pick up his new book at the library in the near future and read it as well.


Sniz said...

I read that article. Yay! Finally someone who admits that if you do everything right, your child may still do everything wrong. I think parents struggle with feeling responsible for how their child chooses to behave at all times. (I know I do.) I forget sometimes that they bear responsibility for their choices and actions too. And ultimately, they belong to God, not us. Now that's a hard one.

Mumme Mom said...

I agree with you. That is something that I always liked about Mr. Rosemond. When I read your comment, I thought wait, that doesn't sound like the RALPH award column, so I clicked on my link and realized it goes to the weekly column page. The RALPH comment is the column for 7//31/07 and the one (I think) you're commenting on is the current weeks, 8/7/07. Thanks for reading!