Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun with Family

My mom, my sister, Lynn, and her husband, Andy, and my nephew, Christian, arrived at our house on Saturday afternoon. Here is what we've accomplished so far:

Saturday: I made a delicious supper (yes, I'm patting myself on the back, pathetic, I know) of Mexican Cheese Chicken, red beans and rice, mac-n-cheese, cucumbers-n-onions, and homemade buns. After supper mom and I canned 9 pints of chow-chow relish with the veggies she brought.

Sunday: After church mom made a delicious brunch of sausage gravy and biscuits and fried eggs, then she and I canned 13 pints of salsa. David, Andy, and the 4 oldest kids went to watch Viking's training camp while Mom and I watched the NASCAR race, Lynn took a nap, and the two younger kids watched a movie. After rejoicing that Tony won (Woo Hoo!), Mom and I started another batch of chow-chow relish (another 10 pints). After a supper of pizza, we went outside to play baseball (well, Lynn and I stole out and went for a walk around "Pleasantville" (Lynn and Andy's name for our town), leaving David, Andy, Mom and the kids to play) and then began a bon-fire complete with s'mores, and "spooky" stories.

Monday: Lynn, Andy, David, and I went to MOA and walked around almost all the 4 floors. Mom stayed home and canned 20 quarts of applesauce (from my neighbor's apple tree) and the kids played and watched Star Wars. After supper (left-overs), another baseball game was played.

What fun we're having! And they're not going home for a few more days! So we'll still get in lots more fun with them like fishing, swimming, more camp fires, and more baseball. Oh and games. David and I have to teach Andy and Lynn how to play our favorite game, "Settlers of Catan."


Presbytera said...

Will your mom come to my house? My counters are spread with peaches aplenty. I'm certain they will be perfectly ripe by the time she arrives : )

What wonderful fun you are having and great memories-in-the-making.

Sniz said...

You did all of that in one day?!? All that casual talk about canning! To me, canning is anything but casual--a mysterious thing full of intimidating things like sterilizing and sealing. Yet you speak of it as if it is nothing. Whew, am I impressed!!! Also, now I want to get the Catan game!

Jenny Schurman said...

I am super excited that my son gets to spend this time with your family. He talks about his "vacation" in MN for weeks after coming home. I am also very thankful that Mom gets to spend this time as well. It is truly a wonderful gift. I wish I could be there (yes I do mean that). I miss you all. WI isn't THAT far out of the way home :) I love you guys!

Cheryl said...

Catan is also one of our favorite family games.

Enjoy your time together!