Friday, August 17, 2007

The Birds and the Bees

On our last evening together with my Mom, Lynn, Andy, and Christian, we sat around the campfire and reminisced about our week. Andy summed it up by saying it was all about the birds and the bees.
Each night we would sit outside prior to dusk and watch the chimney swifts flying all around the roof of the church feeding, and then watch them drop one by one into the chimney for the evening. We always tried to wait until the very last one was in before averting our eyes elsewhere. It was an awesome sight and one we never tired of seeing.

The bees, or in our case wasps, took up a lot of the day's activities. A colony of wasps built a nest in a hole in the bottom of the front porch post right by the stairs in the spring/early summer. David had tried several different times to use hornet and wasp killer, but was unable to reach the nest due to where they had built, and therefore unable to kill them. So Andy used spray foam that fills holes and filled their hole along with any others he saw. Even after that, for the next couple of days we saw wasps who hadn't been in the nest at the time of closing, swarming around trying to get in. Andy stayed armed with the hornet/wasp spray and used it on them. The number has significantly decreased, so we're hopeful we won't have to compete with those residents while we use our front porch.

We had a wonderful time with my family and hated to see them go. Our week included, besides the birds and the bees and what I listed before, teaching Andy and Lynn to play Settlers of Catan (they loved it!); shopping with Lynn at the outlet mall while David and Andy spent the day fishing (they caught enough for us to have a delicious supper); and lots and lots of visiting with each other.

Here our a few pictures of our time together. There were lots of happy times, but not all were captured in pictures, most will simply be pleasant memories for us to enjoy.

Vikings Training Camp. Andy is a Packer fan, but even he had fun seeing the Vikings in training camp. Nathan got the signature of Sydney Rice on his pennant, the only one signing after practice.
We enjoyed two campfires. Andy, the boyscout made the best fires that burned beautifully.

After they left on Friday morning, we got back to school work and simply reading while remembering all the fun we had.

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Jenny Schurman said...

Oh the summer joys! That looks like so much fun. You will have to do this again. . . . THIS time Miguel and I will come and BRING Christian. It was SO cool to see a picture of him. I am missing him soooo much!