Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Simple Summer Supper

We wait for this each year. Tonight was the first night we enjoyed. Thanks to a member's generosity we were given fresh garden tomatoes. I promptly fried some bacon, peeled and sliced the tomatoes, cleaned the lettuce, toasted the bread, fixed some deviled eggs, and made a pot of fresh sweet tea.
Ahhh, the joys of summer food.


Presbytera said...

I still waiting to enjoy the first garden tomato. It is a real treat and your supper looks delicious!

Laura said...


Now I know that plate! We are still waiting for our tomatoes, too. Mary likes to eat them like apples.

Thanks again for hosting us!


Jane said...

Yum! We're having lots of green tomatoes because of a condition that some of our big tomatoes have that makes them rot as they ripen. I hope that some of our big ones do okay, because I am so looking forward to that first summer BLT!

Our cherry tomatoes are beautiful, though. SO we've been eating lots of those.