Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Personal Style

My friend Melynda, who was tagged by our friend Jane, tagged me with this one. So here goes...

Personal Style Quiz
Rules: You have to choose one of the two. You cannot answer "neither" or "both." You can indicate that you like both or neither, but you must state a preference.

Animal fiber or plant? I suppose plant is more practical. But there is something about leather, that always draws me.

Natural or synthetic? Ah, natural

Ornate or simple? Simple.

Color or Neutral? Color!

Pastel or Vibrant? Vibrant, I'm not much of a pastel person.

Blue/Green or Red/Orange? Red/Orange, and really I liked these way before Tony drove the Home Depot Chevrolet. But that just makes it even better, I'm wearing a #20 orange t-shirt right now.

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Yellow Gold.

Gems or texture? Hmm, am I suppose to know the difference? Okay I'll pick, ummm, texture. No wait! gems..... No wait! texture....., really I don't have a clue.

Watch or no-watch? Watch when I'm going out (unless I forget), but nothing while I'm home.

Comfort or fashion? Comfort.

Trendy or classic? Classic.

Cables or lace? Cables, I think.

Heels or flats? Why do I have to choose? Hmm, well heels, there is something about them that is well, sexy, but I wear a lot of flats.

Flip-flops or sandals? Sandals

Skirts or pants? Skirts for dress, pants for casual.

Geometric or floral? I like both done well. I hate big floral, little floral is so pretty. So hmm, I pick floral.

V-neck or turtle-neck? I pick v-necks but don't own many because the girls would try and escape, so keep them harnessed in turtle-necks. Plus, they're warmer - don't you remember where I live?!?!

Skulls or butterflies? Quite the extreme on this one huh? Butterflies

Loose or snug? Loose.

Long hair or short? I've had both and like both, currently long. I don't know what looks better on me, the curls so determine what it looks like from day to day. I think I'll pick long, at least today, at this moment.

Headbands or barrettes? Neither. Headbands never stay put, barrettes pull it to tight. So I use little clips or bobby pins. Oh shoot, my daughter just read the rules and cried "foul." So to pick, hmmmm I choose headbands, cuz I like the look on other peoples' heads.

Shoulder bag or handbag? Shoulder bag.

Maybe Jane and Melynda should trek north and we could go shopping together at that big mall. I tag Jenny (yes I'm still working on your tag of me) and Cheryl. If they pass the test, maybe they could join us for a shopping extravaganza?


Jane said...

I'm always up for a shopping trip!

Melynda Hoffman said...

I just want to meet you. Shopping would the icing on the cake. :)

Jen Schurman said...

Ok. Check out my blog I have responded. This one was easy. Anyone who has met me knows how I like to dress.....Heck our sister Lynn still calls me when she needs fashion advise :)
Love you!

Cheryl said...

Oh, cool--I love getting tagged! And I needed something to write about that doesn't require too much thinking. Now I have it!